Affiliate networks

Affiliate networks

Affiliate marketing is a model for promoting products or services, allowing Internet users and websites owners to earn money by promoting products/services via their websites or social media. Such sellers, in other words affiliates, are associated within affiliate networks. Of the many affiliate networks operating on the Polish market, the most popular are: TradeDoubler, TradeTracker. Awin (formerly Zanox), Netsales,, NetAffiliation and many others.

Affiliate marketing is based on the payment model "for the effect" - it is a reasonable solution for both the advertiser and the partner.

Frequently asked questions about Affiliate Networks

Why should I outsource my affiliate activities to a marketing agency?

Working directly with publishers/affiliates requires a lot of work and systematic communication. Marketing agencies usually have trusted, experienced affiliates with whom they have worked on many successful projects, so they are able to select for the client such companies that will bring the best results in their industry, additionally receiving preferential rates.

When is it worth deciding on affiliate market cooperation?

Such co-operation can bring maximum effects when we feel that our existing channels have exhausted their possibilities, or we have difficulties in reaching our target group. Publishers, who often have communities gathered around their specialist activities and portals, can direct our ads to a precisely defined target group.

How do affiliate activities differ from standard ad impressions?

Within the framework of activities with affiliate networks, ad impressions take place through the activities of publishers - they are responsible for generating campaign results within the pre-established channels they have at their disposal, while maintaining a pre-planned settlement model and goals.

What is crucial to have optimal cooperation with affiliates?

Affiliate activities require proper communication between the company and the publishers - a key factor in such cooperation is the systematic verification of the results provided by the affiliate. This allows the selected publisher to optimise and change the acquisition and emission channels so that the result of the cooperation is as good as possible.

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