Building an online shop

Building a shop from scratch is the most expensive option, which requires many hours of work by programmers, so when building an online shop, ready-made solutions (e-commerce saas platforms) available on the market are used.

It is crucial to choose the right solution for building your shop.

Building an online shop must be carefully thought out, it is worth entrusting it to experts who will select the best e-commerce platform based on your expectations and goals.

The choice of e-commerce platform and its configuration is the most time-consuming stage of building your shop. Other works that need to be done in order to create a shop include:

  • choosing and purchasing a web domain under which users will be able to find our shop. The domain itself should be simple, easy to remember and should be associated with our shop,
  • adding products to our shop - e-commerce platforms make it easy to add products, often they can be imported from files such as Excel, so adding even thousands of products takes up to several dozen minutes.
  • optimising the shop in terms of user experience and working on better visibility of our shop on the Internet (SEO, SEM).