Technical SEO

Technical SEO

The main objective of Technical SEO is to make it as easy as possible for crawlers to scan your website and add its resources to their databases.

Within this area of SEO we perform the following tasks: optimisation of a site map, configuration of robots.txt file, improvement of page loading speed, completion of structural data and removal of 4XX, 5XX errors and 3XX redirect chains. After a thorough analysis of the site, we also optimise the site structure (information architecture) in terms of both crawler activity and user experience.

Technical SEO activities require close cooperation between an SEO specialist and a team of developers and the client. They enable indexing robots to find new content faster, index previously unseen material and help the overall visibility of the website.

Done correctly, it will increase the overall visibility of the website in search results and the indexation rate, improve the position for preferred queries (keywords/keywords). Consequently, you will get more quality traffic to your site from search engines and an overall increase in conversions and sales.

What tools do we use?