Online Shops

Online Shops

An online shop opens up a new market for the seller and will allow you to reach practically every customer on earth with your product, provided that such a person uses a web browser.

Selling via the Internet is relatively easy, and the costs of running such a shop are usually lower than in the case of running a stationery shop.

There are already over 30,000 online shops in Poland, and the growth rate is not slowing down - the value of online shopping in Poland is increasing by an average of 10% a year.

About 60% of Poles already buy online, and it is worth knowing that a large group of your potential customers checks information about products on the web and buys offline.

Before setting up an online shop, you should think carefully about its design, which will be influenced by many factors, for example the number of products you sell, and this may affect the speed of your shop's operation.

There are several solutions on the market, which can be adjusted depending on our requirements. We can choose from various platforms, such as

  • SaaS software,
  • CMS extensions to existing websites,
  • Open Source software,
  • dedicated software.