Measurement protocol

Measurement Protocol

Measurement Protocol is a method of communication between the browser in which the google analytics tracking code (js) is implemented and the infrastructure collecting and processing this data. This method can also be used when the javascript is not working, but then it requires building an appropriate application that allows you to transfer data in a fixed way to the google analytics collector. In this case we are talking about performing communication with google analytics via a communication protocol. In this way it is possible to transmit any event to Google Analytics, even if the event takes place outside the page where javascript code can be run. This method allows to send data from CRM tools, mailing clients or other applications available only on the server side. This is often referred to as the "server 2 server" communication solution, because it takes place without the participation of user and client interaction (the client is the term for the browser or application supporting http connections).

The use of this solution also provides an advantage in the case of excessive use of "adblocks" in web browsers, which in many cases block the communication of the browser with the google analytics collector. The advantage lies in the transmission of an uninterrupted data stream to google analytics in the event of an attempt to block the sending of data on the client side. Thus, it ensures full consistency and integrity of the collected data, especially when it comes to events such as leads, orders, transactions and undefined conversions crucial for the business in which google analytics is used.

The advantage of having consistent and integral data is primarily a business advantage, which translates into decisions related to the distribution of funds for marketing and whether these funds are spent correctly and bring maximum return on investment, or whether due to incorrect data these decisions are distorted and the return is then incomplete, because spending is not distributed correctly.

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