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Social performance

Social performance is currently the fastest growing (and yet effective) way to acquire customers. Thanks to the use of platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok and the detailed data collected - we are able to quickly acquire a large number of contact leads at a low price.

Optimisation of our activities consists of constant testing of what we say (style and tone of communication, benefits), to whom we say it (targeting), when we say it (at what point do we address customers) and how much it costs us to reach and acquire customers. A team of graphic designers, analysts, media specialists and a strategist work on the optimisation and as a team strive for the best sales results.

Facebook Lead Ads

Facebook Lead Ads, is a type of advertising action on the social networking site Facebook, whose aim is to obtain a contact form from the recipient. This completely shortens the path needed for the recipient to fill out the form - everything happens inside the Facebook platform (mostly mobile app). Due to the ease of filling in (most fields can be automatically filled in from the profile), the ad is extremely popular and effective, among companies looking for candidates for selected jobs, and in the case of enrolling in consultations, free trials, or requests to pass on a sales offer over the phone.

Facebook Ads

Running a marketing campaign within the Facebook ad system has its advantages. Thanks to the huge collection of detailed data on users, their interests and behaviour, we are able to reach a very narrow group of strictly interested recipients with our message. By being able to target users not only according to demographic and behavioural data, but also geographical data, the system gives highly developed possibilities of choosing the recipient of our advertisement. Facebook, thanks to its specificity, has become the channel offering the closest contact with the recipient, offering a two-way active medium, thanks to which contact often takes place in real time and is engaging for the user.

Instagram Ads

Instagram Ads is a tool for running promotions aimed at increasing profile reach, engagement rates, sales, lead generation or any other type of conversion. Instagram Ads provides a way to target ads based on, for example, interests, location, age, gender, behaviour, device used or language.

Benefits for you: The ad spend on Instagram does not have to be high for the campaign to reach the expected level of profitability. Also, an important element of advertising on Instagram is the possibility of interacting with fans, thus increasing the credibility of your profile.

Linkedin Ads

The advertising system within the Linkedin platform is a solution extremely similar to that offered by other popular social networks such as Facebook and Instagram. Thanks to its unique characteristics, it makes it possible to reach audiences with a business profile, which is extremely useful for companies offering services and solutions for the B2B sector. Data contained in user profiles allows for precise targeting of recipients based on their professional status, position in the company or industry. The main advantage is the accuracy of the data - which is provided by the users with a precision comparable only with a CV.

Twitter Ads

The social networking site Twitter is no outlier to its rivals when it comes to the advertising environment, however when approaching a promotional broadcast to a bluebird audience, it is worth thinking twice. Thanks to its microblogging nature, Twitter greatly encourages interaction with material and user engagement with the promotion they are exposed to, but its audience targeting options are much narrower than its competitors. Geographic targeting within Europe is limited to the country only, and the ability to specify audience characteristics is mainly based on the channels observed and #tags used.

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