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Protecting brand reputation

Tired of unfair online reviews? Want to improve your brand reputation online?

We will help you build a positive relationship with potential consumers. We will also improve your visibility and brand awareness. Consumers will learn about your strengths.

We will base our actions on a previously created strategy dedicated to your brand. We will continuously monitor emerging mentions of your brand, reacting to crises and reinforcing positive opinions. Especially for you, we will prepare a periodic report on the reputation of your brand.

Brand monitoring with Brand24

The brand image is created not only by PR and marketing specialists, but also by people who talk and write about it on the Internet. That is why, for our customers, we monitor the mentions about them on the Internet.

We measure opinions about products, services and brands, as well as check the reactions to your campaigns. We evaluate whether your brand warms the minds and hearts of your customers, or is indifferent to them.

Thanks to this service, you will get to know the sentiment of opinions about your brand, which comments are more numerous, who writes them and in which places on the Internet the most passionate discussions take place. Start measuring your image!

Moderation of reviews and comments

Having trouble with negative feedback about your brand? Can't cope with unfair online heckling? On behalf of our clients, we conduct dialogue with customers, respond to negative comments, and neutralise all unauthorised opinions that go beyond the boundaries of good taste.

We help brands to save face on the internet! Thanks to the moderation of opinions and comments, you can react quickly to image crises on the Internet, and you can also influence the direction of ongoing discussions about your brand.

Frequently asked questions about Protecting brand reputation

What is your company's brand and what can it be?

A brand is the sum of many elements that influence how your company is perceived by consumers. It is everything that others think about your company, service or product. Activities such as activity in social media, the style of communication, visual factors and marketing activities require systematic work to bring the expected results.

Is brand reputation important?

Opinion is one of the most important factors influencing consumer choices and brand loyalty. It is particularly important at the initial stage of the recipient's contact with the company, when there is no experience resulting from such contact. A high brand reputation helps companies to build a competitive advantage and win over customers.

How to build a brand in style?

The brand image should be constantly taken care of. In order to do this in a good style, it is necessary to initiate and participate in events with positive associations, as well as to respond actively and substantially to questions and comments regarding the brand.

How to manage a brand's reputation?

Information spreads very quickly among Internet users. Negative content causes image crises, which every business manager wants to avoid. Therefore, having knowledge about who and how people talk about your company gives you the basis for managing your brand's reputation online.

What tools do we use?