SEO (abbreviation of Search Engine Optimisation) is nothing else than a comprehensive set of actions aimed at direct and indirect adaptation of a website to the current requirements set by search engines. Correct execution of this process is able to increase the visibility of the website and generate high-quality, constant organic traffic, which will eventually translate into conversions (realization of assumed business goals). On the other hand, improperly conducted optimisation may cause the opposite effect, i.e. the disappearance (de-indexing) of the website from search engine resources.

For many years there has been a division into three main aspects of SEO:

  1. On Site SEO - optimization that can be performed on the site.
  2. Off Site SEO - naturally increasing mentions of your brand, services/products and website.
  3. Technical SEO - making work as easy as possible for robots indexing (scanning) the website.

A good starting point for starting cooperation in the area of SEO is a joint conversation thanks to which we will be able to learn about your most important business goals, what the unique and strong points of your service/product are, who you consider to be your competition and what resources you have at your disposal. The next step is to perform a full SEO audit, which will identify and structure the tasks to be completed taking into account the information gained from the conversation.

Frequently asked questions about SEO

Who should use SEO services?

Businesses with a website that generates direct or indirect revenue for the company should use SEO services. A particular type of business that should focus on SEO development are online shops (e-commerce).

How to increase revenue using SEO?

SEO activities directly affect the overall visibility of a website, which translates into more visitors to the site generating revenue for the company. Optimising elements such as category and product sub-pages, blog development and acquiring natural links increase a website's online visibility.

How is SEO different from paid advertising?

SEO is a long-term action generating free visits to a website. Ads, on the other hand, are paid activities (usually settled in the Pay Per Click model), which can be launched in a short period of time and whose effect in the form of website traffic will be visible almost immediately after the campaign launch.

Does investing in SEO pay off?

Any business gaining customers using a website should consider investing in SEO. Beforehand, however, it is necessary to calculate the potential for future revenue and plan a budget for SEO activities. Return on investment should be evaluated from an 8-12 month perspective.

What tools do we use?