Conversion optimisation CRO

Conversion optimisation CRO

Conversion rate optimization is about finding new solutions to increase user engagement on the website and achieving measurable business benefits for the website owner, e.g. in the form of increased sales.

Conversion rate optimisation is an ongoing process and involves successive changes to a website in order to increase the conversion rate.

A website has many elements that can be changed and tested, and with Google Optimize, making changes to the website and measuring their effectiveness is easier.

Google Optimize is a tool where we can make A/B tests of our website in an uncomplicated way to see which version of the website brings more benefits. The advantage of Google Optimize is that it is easy to use, does not require specialist programming knowledge and can be integrated with other Google tools such as Google Analytics.

Being able to see data in Google Analytics so we know the source of our users, how much time they spend on the site, whether they convert is one thing. But wouldn't it be great to also know their authentic behaviour? What did they click on, how did they move their mouse, on which elements of the page did they spend most time, or maybe something seems clickable but is not - all this may cause a potential customer to leave your website? By implementing tools which examine the heat map of the website, you can prevent it!

What tools do we use?