Buzz marketing

Buzz Marketing

Buzz marketing is a viral marketing technique based on maximising the potential of word-of-mouth marketing. The essence of the technique is to generate excitement in the community that knows and uses the product and to direct it to share with others in various channels, e.g. during classic conversations among friends and family, as well as in the digital world - from forums and thematic groups, through social media, to publications on own blogs or websites.

The aim of buzz marketing is to increase natural interest around a brand and product which will enter the audience's consciousness and find its way to the so-called short list of choices as soon as the need to buy arises. It is important to remember that buzz marketing and viral marketing are similar but not the same entity. The former is designed to create natural excitement, while the latter is used to spread pretext through the audience.

Brand expert

Do you want to establish a personal relationship with your customers? Or are you looking for a personality for your brand? For our clients we establish cooperation with so-called brand experts.

A brand expert is an influencer, a person of high authority who publicly declares cooperation with a given brand or is simply its loyal fan. The main role of a brand expert is to communicate with the brand's audience.

By working with a brand expert, your brand gains a face and a personality that your target audience can like or befriend.

Frequently asked questions about Buzz Marketing

What is the purpose of buzz marketing?

The aim of word-of-mouth marketing is to spark spontaneous conversations about a brand between social media users on the internet. These conversations involve 'ordinary people' who 'review' a product or service. Thanks to this, people observing such conversations have the opportunity to verify whether the advertisements emitted by the manufacturer are true. buzz marketing increases trust, the attractiveness of a service or product, and above all increases the chance of a purchase decision by potential customers.

What are the types of buzz marketing?

There are several types of buzz marketing. One of them is evangelist marketing, which aims to create an emotional connection in the recipient with a product, brand or service. To do this, natural communities are created to talk about them. Another type is viral marketing. In this type of activity, an interesting advertising message is created: a video, meme, graphic, tic toque, etc. Their task is to engage the recipients to such an extent that they share these materials. Another type of buzz marketing is trendsetting, i.e. promoting a brand with the use of an influencer. The aim of trendsetting is to reach a group of recipients who consider a given person to be an authority on specific issues. Influencers are also used in the so-called product seeding, which consists in making product samples or trial versions of services available to well-known people. Influencers often share their impressions of various products with their community. More and more frequently, groups on Facebook or Linkedin, for example, are being used for 'word of mouth' marketing. This is called community marketing. It aims to promote the brand by reaching out to highly specialised communities or narrow subject groups. There are also other types of word-of-mouth marketing. We will be happy to tell you about all the possibilities during a telephone consultation.

How much does buzz marketing cost?

The cost of buzz marketing depends on many factors, including: the goal of the campaign, its duration, types and quantity of social media used, and many others. That's why we price each buzz marketing campaign separately and individually.

What tools do we use?