audyt analityczne

Analytics audit

Sample scope of web analytics audit on Google Analytics configuration and settings:

  • configuration of GA account, services, views and filters
  • goal/event configuration and conversion funnels
  • Integration with AdWords/GSC accounts
  • configuration of userID view, cross-domain tracking, configuration of domain tracking exclusions
  • Enhanced e-commerce configuration
  • Configuring session settings
  • organic source configuration
  • custom reports configuration
  • data transfer configuration via measurement protocol
  • access and user configuration
  • recommendations for data collection
  • recommendations on the use of custom variables
  • recommendations concerning tracking events in the service
  • recommendations for non-standard implementations and configurations
  • verification of account capabilities in terms of data availability for attribution models
  • analysis of system configuration in terms of undoing status data

Example scope of an analytics audit on Google Tag Manager configuration and settings:

  • configuration of tags, rules and variables
  • Tag partner configuration
  • configuration of access to containers
  • verification of dataLayers and transmitted values (if any are defined)
  • verification of the availability of userID within the data layer
  • verification of availability of data within the infrastructure dataLayer, i.e. hosts, user locations, network infrastructure identifiers
  • recommendation of tag configuration in terms of data flow security
  • verification of integration with other tools (CRM, conversion optimization)

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