Web analytics

What works and what doesn't work on the website? Why aren't the ads bringing in sales or leads? To answer these and similar questions, we will implement the appropriate analytical tools on your website. On their basis, we will point out your strengths and weaknesses and improve your online effectiveness.

Analytics is fundamental to every e-business (including classic businesses, where advantages are developed on the basis of optimised operational factors based on data analysis). Analytics in online business (especially in e-commerce) is like the air you need to breathe, without which you can last at most a few minutes before you die. A proper web analytics configuration is like an oxygen bottle at 8000 m above sea level. It gives you an advantage over other climbers in a difficult and changing environment.

What does a well-executed analytics setup provide? Firstly, it provides the reliable data needed to analyse the behaviour of both users and infrastructure elements. Second, it provides data to validate business assumptions, increases competitive advantage and gives the potential to accelerate growth.

Third, it contributes directly to increasing revenue, giving fuel for effective marketing.

Where and how to start setting up analytics properly? You can start looking for information on the web, ask friends who have already worked on analytics configuration, or simply refer to specialists who will help you determine the necessary solutions and support its implementation.

What tools do we use?