Do you want to make your brand more recognisable? Or maybe you want to increase its reputation and credibility? We work with bloggers, vloggers, tiktokkers and instagrammers from various industries who can help you achieve this.

Before starting cooperation with a selected influencer, we carefully check whether they will reach your target group and whether they represent your brand's values. Each marketing action with an influencer is carefully planned and analysed in terms of the results achieved.

As many as 70% of shoppers search for information about products and services in social media. By communicating through influencers, you can reach potential customers directly, increase their engagement and build brand reputation.


On behalf of our clients we cooperate with Polish and international bloggers. We select and recruit bloggers, build relationships with them and monitor their publications.

Based on blogger statistics and a thorough analysis of their activity, we examine whether cooperation with a given influencer will bring the expected results.

Popular blogs achieve reach ranges comparable to those of serious Internet portals, and as many as 25% of Internet users treat blogs as trusted sources of information. By cooperating with a blogger, you gain a unique opportunity to reach the most engaged consumers and increase interest in your brand.


There's probably no doubt that campaigns in the vlogosphere bring tangible benefits to brands. Fans of influencers trust them because they treat them as experts on their topic. As a brand, you can take advantage of this and we'll help you!

A vlogger recommendation is a much better and more credible form of promotion than, for example, an advertising spot featuring an actor dressed as a doctor. By reducing the distance between the vlogger and the viewer, the brand's communication with the potential client enters a more "friendly" level. Vloger does not advertise your products. He tests them, talks about his experiences and - like a colleague to a colleague - recommends them.

By working with vloggers, you can not only increase engagement and interest in your brand, but above all build a positive sentiment around it based on trust.


On behalf of our clients, we cooperate with influencers on Instagram. We select and recruit them on the basis of an analysis of their marketing potential, set the terms of cooperation, and supervise its course on the brand's side.

Instagram is a medium that is constantly growing and developing. Its growth rate far exceeds that of Facebook. Research shows that more and more people are deciding to buy a given product just after seeing it on Instagram, and for 80% of Instagram users it provides great support in making consumer decisions.

By working with Instagrammers, you have the chance to present your product or service to a highly engaged audience that you wouldn't be able to reach through other channels. Build your brand awareness and support your sales efforts by partnering with Instagtramers. We'll be happy to help!

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