Audit SEO

SEO audit

The main objective of SEO audit is to find strengths and weaknesses, opportunities, problems and possibilities of your brand presence on the Internet. Knowledge about them will be used in selection of appropriate tools aimed at increasing website visibility.

The basis for implementing any SEO strategy is to conduct a comprehensive SEO audit. It’s objective is to analyse the current condition of the website and determine the area of changes and assign tasks for implementation. By ordering a SEO audit, you receive a comprehensive analysis of your website.

As part of SEO audit we will perform for you analyses of

  • http server response,
  • internal and external redirections,
  • website code
  • technologies used,
  • page load time,
  • website adaptation to mobile devices,
  • indexation process,
  • crawl budget,
  • visibility,
  • quantity and quality of organic traffic,
  • information architecture,
  • keywords,
  • metatags in the <head> section,
  • structural data,
  • quantity and quality of content,
  • User experience factors,
  • domains and inbound links,
  • direct competition.

As a result of our work, you receive a document containing recommendations, comments, as well as a complete list of challenges and tasks to be tackled in the area of SEO in order to maximise your website's online visibility.

What tools do we use?