Sales e-commerce platforms

Polish and international auction portals are one of many sales channels on the e-commerce market.

Matching the right sales platform to your industry, through which you can sell your products, is half of the success.

Don't wait for the customer to come to you - meet him. We will help you!

Allegro Ads

Allegro Ads is additional advertising of offers placed on the Allegro website. It allows your offers to be displayed in the most popular places on Allegro, before offers of other sellers. These ads appear in the search results in the first two and last two positions, on the left side under filters, and on the pages of items from the same category. The Allegro Ads advertising system also allows you to promote your Allegro listings by displaying sponsored links in Google search, as well as displaying remarketing ads on Facebook. In Allegro Ads, similarly to e.g. Google Ads, you pay in the CPC model, paying only per click of an advertisement, i.e. per potential customer. If you are selling your products on the Internet and want to reach a larger group of recipients with your offer, it is impossible to ignore the largest commercial platform in Poland, which is Allegro. Currently, it has over 20 million registered customers in its database. Thanks to many sales support and promotion tools offered by Allegro and our experience in using them, we will help you raise your sales to a higher level.

Ceneo is the second biggest e-commerce website in Poland. Nowadays, this service allows not only to find a product available in different shops, check opinions and compare its price, but also to make a purchase directly. Apart from the mere presence of your offer on the website, it offers additional forms of promotion, such as bidding on items, distinction, additional text next to the offer, promotion on the category page, boxes and advertising campaigns. By using the right combination of these, based on our experience, we will bring valuable traffic to your shop, which will directly translate into more transactions.


Sk膮 is one of the first price comparison sites in Poland, and thanks to cooperation with, it is currently the largest base of product and shop opinions on the Polish Internet. Apart from the mere presence of your offer on the site, it offers the possibility of their additional promotion through auctions, as well as advertisements precisely targeted at purchase-oriented users. Thanks to their skilful use, based on our experience, we will bring valuable traffic to your shop, which will directly translate into a greater number of transactions.

eMag Marketplace

eMag Marketplace is a platform for selling products on one of the largest e-commerce platforms in our part of Europe. Its partners have full control over the strategy, offers and delivery process. Based on your sales history to date, we will select products to be displayed on the platform so that you gain another stable source of orders in your shop.


Global sales platform, leader in number of users and products sold. With Amazon's platform you can quickly and easily access millions of shoppers from the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain.

Amazon, which simultaneously sells under its own brand and shares the site with others, generated 58% of its turnover or $160 billion through the marketplace in 2019.

By listing your product on Amazon, you have the opportunity to reach millions of potential customers every day.

Start selling successfully on Amazon with our help. Get ahead of the competition by reaching new markets.


Put your products where your customers are and eBay has plenty of them. The international platform connects sellers and buyers. eBay is a friendly platform with lots of opportunities to create offers and reach a diverse customer base.

Want to start or expand your international sales on eBay? Talk to us!


OTOMOTO is a classifieds service dedicated to the automotive sector. The platform is tailored to the needs of individual and business customers. The price list is divided into several packages according to specific specifications, so we can accurately allocate your product to a particular group, for example, by category: cars and vans, cars and motorbikes, parts or accessories. Recently, our business clients have also gained access to more effective analytical and managerial tools, thanks to which we can manage your business even better. Advertisements added to any category on the OTOMOTO website, are also exported to the OLX website.


OLX is a platform for buying and selling services and goods (both new and used).

Users of this site have 15 main categories at their disposal.

We can promote your products in three ways: by refreshing (the ad appears at the top of the list again as soon as it was added), by placing the product at the top of the page (featured ad will be available at the top for many days, depending on the purchased package), as well as on the homepage of the site (ads appear on the homepage in a specific section).

We can also use the website as a destination for graphic advertisements (Google advertising network) for your products or services.

Frequently asked questions about Sales Platforms

For whom are sales platforms intended?

Sales platforms are primarily intended for entrepreneurs conducting retail sales of products on the Internet (e-commerce).

How to increase sales using sales platforms?

To increase the turnover generated, you need to add products to sales platforms. Exposing your offer in additional places on the Internet translates into a much higher number of users visiting your website and making purchases.

Which sales platforms are worth choosing?

For most products in Poland, the best platforms supporting sales will be Allegro, Ceneo and Sk膮piec. In the case of a specialised assortment, e.g. automotive parts, OTOMOTO and OLX will prove helpful. On the other hand, if the sale is to be conducted abroad, it is worth using platforms such as Amazon, eBay or eMag.

How long to wait for results and is it worth it?

Users browsing and comparing offers on sales platforms are in the final straight before making a purchase. Practically as soon as you start, you should see visible results. The profitability of the sale will largely depend on the attractiveness of the offer itself as well as on the proper promotion of products within the shopping platform.