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About the project

Robosoccer is a project of a mobile football game using small mechanical bots. The game takes place on a miniature pitch and players control players in the form of mechanical robots, which are operated by a mobile application on a phone. It is great fun, both for the whole family and with friends during an evening meeting. The construction of the bots allows for precise shots at the goal, passing and comfortable and efficient movement on the pitch - so that everyone can become the king of scorers!

"I am very pleased to be working with Performance Labs - they made a positive impression on me with their creative approach, and vast experience in applying technology solutions to marketing."

CEO: Vadim Melnyk


  • Choosing a platform and running a crowdfunding campaign,
    • Analysing the competition and the effects of similar campaigns on the available crowdfunding platforms, as well as developing a full strategy for running the campaign including all stages of marketing communication,
  • Reaching interested recipients abroad,
    • Precisely targeted campaign within social media and Google Ads, reaching recipients from countries selected in terms of activity on Kickstarter.
  • Acquisition of business contacts interested in wholesale purchase,
    • Breaking down the communication into B2C and B2B and reaching companies from the following industries: events, markets and technology shops, sports pub chains and stadiums, football clubs,
  • Maintain communication after the campaign ends,
    • Developing communication throughout the period from the end of the campaign to the delivery of the product to the recipients and laying out the promotional strategy for the success story


We planned a full marketing strategy to promote the product, within which we built a comprehensive communication regarding the crowdfunding campaign, a website to generate leads and newsletter sign-ups, developed a strategy to reach interested customers based on market research and competitors' activities in similar initiatives.


  • Achieved 123% of the client's funding threshold on Kickstarter (£19,085 from £15,500)
  • Established contact with 4 large international companies interested in buying in bulk and renting for events
  • Reaching 10 million narrowly targeted customers in the EU and US with product communications